Yoga Retreat in Edipsos, Evia



A shelter of peace and well-being with natural healing qualities

This winter retreat is taking place in cute little town of Edipsos, situated in Northern Evia. Edipsos is famous for its thermal springs that heal and rejuvenate ever since Antiquity. Hippocrates and Aristotle visited the springs and wrote about their benefits and the rare microclimate they create. The sea is always warm and the sun shines 300 days a year, tempting visitors for a dive even in winter. According to mythology, the precious water flowed for the very first time when Hephaestus beat the land with his hammer. It was a favor to goddess Athena, who believed that the thermal springs would keep Hercules healthy and powerful.

Edipsos is a place blessed by nature, a natural treasure, a shelter of peace and well-being with unique healing qualities, thanks to his natural thermal springs with high temperature (from 28 to 86 degrees Celsius) which are one of the richest mineral waters invaluable ingredients throughout the world for centuries. They are laden with a range of different metals, minerals and elements that work wonders due to their high concentration, including Radon which is incredibly beneficial in stimulating the immune system. Other high quality elements are calcium, potassium, iron, lithium, magnesium, and sodium. What is particularly salient to mention is the magnesium to calcium ratio at 1:4 which constitutes the ideal combination for body absorption.
Nature has also chipped in for a rare combined experience where the warm water gushes from the sea bed, a rare phenomenon that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Relaxing and rejuvenating bathing in hot waters of thermal springs combined with swimming in the winter sea with beneficial effects of the contrast temperatures gives an amazing revitalizing effect to the body and general well-being.

You are welcome to join us in Edipsos from November till April, when the weather is ideal for hiking in the lush mountain forests and waterfalls, nurturing yourself in the hot thermal waters, and enjoying the tranquility of the place offseason and a splendid scenery of rich vegetation that meets the blue-green sea. The amazing combination of mountain and sea gives unlimited possibilities for walks overlooking the endless blue and discover areas with lush vegetation, intoxicating aromas, and beautiful landscapes.


Serene still waters nourish life.
Bliss exists in the serenity of nature.

Take time for stopping, resting, recharging and nourishing yourself. Relax in the peaceful power of your own being. Be nourished by the nature and the silence within. Be here right now...

This retreat is designed for those who are interested in taking a break from the restless activity, expansion, and improvement of the modern world in order to slow down, relax, and connect with nature, recharge, rejuvenate, and turn focus within to find the blissful inner peace, harmony, and joy.

Experience the benefits of a deeply peaceful and healing program that has been specially designed for immersing in a deep state of relaxation and openness:

Start your morning with the gentle yoga movements and meditation for purifying your mind and consciousness, connecting with the silence of your own being, and just allowing your life to be lived out without interference.

Visit serene and tranquil places such as mountain forest, beaches, waterfalls, bath in the hot thermal springs, particularly beneficial for the human body, and dip in the winter sea for slowing down, relaxing, maintaining a degree of natural inner rhythm, tuning with the healing frequencies of the nature, and being in touch with the physical world and the physical body.

Drink water from the natural springs, listen to the sound of water flowing over a small waterfall, breath intoxicating aromas of wild herbs and salty sea breeze, walk barefoot, connect with the Earth, the sky, the sun, and the stars to charge and to grow stronger in the essence of your inner being, developing that mastery where there is complete internal stillness and silence.

Dedicated your time to deepen the sacred knowledge and the discipline of yoga as a constant inner effort for being firmly established in oneself, inspired by Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Strengthen in your own sense of self, anchor more deeply in the light of your own being, dropping everything what is on the way of your creativity, joy, and inspiration.

Plugg in to your sense of self, your body and the Earth in the moment.
There is nothing else except stillness, depth and inner silence.
From here all nourishment comes.

Our offers

Join us in Edipsos from November till April
Single / Double occupancy in a private room

€ 1250 / 2200

An opportunity to break away from the habitual frame of the body and consciousness, start a journey to your inner self.

€ 2250 / 4100

Immersion on yoga practice and meditation in order to get a more powerful effect and to experience real changes.

€ 3200 / 5900

To realize and accept totally your light and your shadows... To see the form with which you identify yourself and go to the freedom without forms.