The Joy of Stillness

Yoga Retreat in Mani, Peloponnese


The coexistence of wild nature, authentic culture and ancient history.

A unique destination of exceptional unspoiled beauty and greatness of nature, Mani peninsula in Peloponnese is a land of mystery, Ancient Spartans, feudal fortresses and castles, pride, tradition and tremendously powerful energy of nature. Almost every corner of Mani is surrounded by ancient myths of gods and heroes, culture, and history.

This mountainous region is incredibly beautiful, with its sleepy fishing coves, fortified villages, emerald waters, its authentic people, unique architecture and breathtaking combination of sea and rock, capturing soul and mind with its beauty and greatness. From the steep foothills of the snow-tipped Taÿgetos Mountains to the pristine coastal coves, and from the tiny villages nestling amid olive groves, connected by threads of walking trails, to the arid landscapes in the south of peninsula, speckled with abandoned stone towers, Mani has some of the most dramatic and varied scenery in the Peloponnese, much of it still wonderfully under-explored.

The amazing combination of mountain and sea gives unlimited possibilities for walks overlooking the endless blue and discover areas with lush vegetation, intoxicating aromas, and beautiful landscapes. You will walk the land of the Ancient Spartans, and see beautiful rolling hills, striking medieval fortresses and towers, and gorgeous hidden beaches which stand out for the purity of the waters. And of course, there will be plenty of time for leisure and exploring the wonderful surroundings, as well as wandering around the back streets of traditional villages with a fascinating selection of local taverns.

The Joy of Stillness

To find the self, you need only recapture your sense of stillness.

Turning within and relaxing in the stillness, silence and peaceful power of our own being we can re-connect with our inner wisdom and intelligence, strengthening the ability to remain open, clear, centered, and calm at all times, and generate your own reality according to the wisdom of your own being.

Start your morning with gentle yoga movements and meditation for purifying your mind and consciousness, connecting with the silence of your own being, and just allowing your life to be lived out without interference.

Visit serene and tranquil places such as mountain forest, beaches, and waterfalls, swim in the sea for slowing down, relaxing, maintaining a degree of natural inner rhythm, tuning with the healing frequencies of the nature and being in touch with the physical world and the physical body.

Dedicated your time to deepen the sacred knowledge and the discipline of yoga as a constant inner effort for being firmly established in oneself, inspired by Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Strengthen in your own sense of self, anchor more deeply in the light of your own being, dropping everything what is on the way of your creativity, joy, and inspiration.

Drink water from the natural springs, listen to the sound of water flowing over a small waterfall, breath intoxicating aromas of wild herbs and salty sea breeze, walk barefoot, connect with the Earth, the sky, the sun, and the stars to charge and to grow stronger in the essence of your inner being, developing that mastery where there is complete internal stillness and silence. In that silent space within you have the dialogue with the source of your own being. It contains that guidance revealed through body knowing and feeling.

Stop, feel and recapture your sense of self
Strengthen that awareness which is your own purity
See your actions becoming light, powerful, congruent, supportive and vital.

Our offers

Join us in Mani from April till the end of October
Single / Double occupancy in a private room

€ 1250 / 2200

An opportunity to break away from the habitual frame of the body and consciousness, start a journey to your inner self.

€ 2250 / 4100

Immersion on yoga practice and meditation in order to get a more powerful effect and to experience real changes.

€ 3200 / 5900

To realize and accept totally your light and your shadows... To see the form with which you identify yourself and go to the freedom without forms.