True Abundance

Yoga Retreat in Messinia, Peloponnese



Stunning sandy beaches and olive groves, picturesque villages and medieval castles

Messinia, a radiant gem nestled in the southwestern pelvis of the Peloponnese, an ode to Greece’s eternal beauty and enduring history, invites visitors to journey through time and senses. Here the mountains meet the sea, crafting intimate coves and pristine beaches. Every curve of its landscape echoing tales from Mycenaean palaces to Venetian castles.

Pylos, a harbor town, cradles the memories of the Battle of Navarino, the ruins of Nestor’s Palace stand as a testament to Homeric legends, the stone walls of Methoni Castle whispering secrets of Venetian and Ottoman conquests, the ancient city of Messene reveals an archaeological wonder, narrating stories of civilizations long gone…

Golden sands of Voidokilia Beach, tranquil embrace of mountain lakes and waterfalls, the sea's waves serenading old fortresses, majestic olive groves providing shade to ancient stones, the fragrance of thyme-covered mountains, creating an intoxicating blend with the scent of salt from the Ionian Sea… To wander through Messinia is to be in constant conversation with the past while being rooted in the sheer beauty of the present.

True Abundance

Activate a chain reaction of abundance by simply being who you are

The theme of the retreat came up when I was contemplating the gentle power and greatness of Messini’s fertile nature. Some of my observations I will share with you during this retreat.

Everything in nature is following its own rhythm and timing, its own season, and the rhythm of Mother Earth is interconnected with all of the reality and the bigger picture. The results sometimes may take longer but outcomes will always be the most efficient and at exactly the right time and in the right way for all beings. Our rootedness in the Earth and the growing in the peaceful power of our own being reveals that precious trust and knowing that everything is unfolding as exactly as it should. No matter the circumstances, nature is always behind you, carrying you and lifting you up, supporting you, strengthening and protecting you.

By tuning in and trusting natural timing we can appreciate nature's tremendous power for renewal, and discover the same power within us. Nature raises what is strong and speeds the dissolution of what is week or does harm. As one of nature's many expressions of its uncommon determination, the part we play within its interwoven tapestry is directly related to our ability to flourish in our uniqueness. In order to blossom outwardly we need to turn within and to renew, to release what is blocking, binding, limiting or controlling us: belief systems, thoughts, and ideas, and the identity that they are attached to. Thus there will be space for our infinite being to manifest itself.

And true abundance is the unimpeded flow of who we actually are in the absence of negative control. Who we actually are is a certain type of creativity based on our infinite being, that spark within us which is pure love. When that infinity spark communicates in us, the whole body lights up and we are urged into movement, which we can then take further according to our whole life's experience, joy, and inspiration. Just as the seed holds within a blueprint of everything it will become, we are also guided by a profound sense of inner direction. The only true course is always listening to your inner voice and acting the way you know you should according to the signals in your body regardless of what others are choosing.

Nature inspires us to trust the natural timing, honor our uniqueness and appreciate the tremendous power of renewal so we can join life's purposeful movement toward growth and abundance.

Going with your deepest feelings in alignment with purity of your being. Letting your true self emerge and go free. Everything else is falling away.

Our offers

Join us in Methoni from April till the end of October
Single / Double occupancy in a private room

€ 1250 / 2200

An opportunity to break away from the habitual frame of the body and consciousness, start a journey to your inner self.

€ 2250 / 4100

Immersion on yoga practice and meditation in order to get a more powerful effect and to experience real changes.

€ 3200 / 5900

To realize and accept totally your light and your shadows... To see the form with which you identify yourself and go to the freedom without forms.