Yoga Retreat in Pelion, Thessaly



A verdant mountain of legends and Centaurs, the summer residence of the Olympian Gods

Join this unique adventure exploring mystical mountain Pelion, unanimously considered to be one of the most beautiful and bewitching in Greece. Imagine scenic villages, breathtaking mountains with lush forests and open views, coastline with amazing beaches, great variety of interesting places to explore – Pelion has them all.

The Pelion peninsula is breathtakingly beautiful, Water gurgles in the fountains and sunbeams stream through the leaves of the plane trees, oaks, beeches, gardenias, hydrangeas, camellias. The cascading waterfalls and natural spring water from the mountains keep the area lush and green all year round. Picturesque traditional villages with unique architecture are set on mountain slopes or hidden in green valleys and connected by stone footpaths called “kalderimi” which linked the peninsula before there were roads. Mule trains traversed them bringing wares up from ships. During the spring and summer, olive groves, magnificent chestnut and plane trees and orchards of apples and pears create a green backdrop to the unspoiled beaches and fishing villages of the Aegean coast. In spring, however, the blooming apple orchards make hiking a magical experience, and in fall, the chestnut orchards and in their fall colors make this season truly gorgeous. Pathways, old churches, beaches with peacock-colored water all add to this multi-colored assemblage.
As you make your way down the mountain, you’ll come across large and small beaches with white pebbles or fine sand and crystal-clear turquoise water that seems unreal. There are rocky coves, hidden beaches accessible only by foot and fishing harbors with small taverns where you can enjoy amazingly delicious food, prepared only with the most fresh ingredients that have grown it the hugely fertile mountain.

Mount Pelion took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles. The wedding of Peleus and Thetis took place in the forests of Pelion. All of the gods had been invited except Eris, the goddess of discord. Feeling scorned and seeking revenge, she threw the famous golden apple with the inscription "To the fairest one" a midst Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, who began to argue over who should get it.
Zeus suggested the goddesses be led to Paris, the Prince of Troy, so he could choose the most beautiful. And that is how the first beauty pageant came to be held. Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite and she helped him steal the heart of Helen of Troy. Her abduction led to the Trojan War.


Working on What Has Been spoiled, Turning Poison into Medicine

The mysterious figure of Chiron, the Centaur, who lived in Pelion, also known as the ‘wounded healer’ and represented as the mentor to many of the great heroes of Greek mythology, being an expert in medicine, healing, astrology, prophecy and the hermetic magical sciences, inspired the main theme of the retreat - Self-Healing, which we will be deepen during this retreat while exploring the magnificent surroundings and exceptional nature's beauty of this magical place.

Nature's healing power is always availible to us when we align with Nature’s purity, rhythm, harmony, balance and anchored in the purity of our own being. Awaken that extraordinary potential to rebuild, regenerate and ultimately self-heal our physical, emotional and mental bodies!

Connect with and experience the tremendous healing power of the Nature, which brings us peace, tranquility and relaxation:
-water - swim in the sea and the forest lakes, listen to the sound of flowing water, drink water from the natural springs;
- earth - walk barefoot on the ground for connecting with the Earth magnetism and receiving the bio electrical energy of Earth through the soles of your feet;
- air - breath ionized forest air with the intoxicating aromas of wild herbs, flowers and salty sea breeze;
- sky – nurture your senses with the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, watch the night sky and the stars, sunbath during the day.

Start your morning with gentle yoga movements and meditation for purifying your mind and consciousness, connecting with the silence of your own being, and just allowing your life to be lived out without interference.
Dedicate your time to deepen the sacred knowledge and the discipline of yoga as a constant inner effort for being firmly established in oneself, inspired by Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Strengthen in your own sense of self, anchor more deeply in the light of your own being, dropping everything that is on the way of your creativity, joy, and inspiration.
Adopt simplicity and honesty, because it is easier; touching and sensing, because it is connective; support only what does good and excites you, because it is freeing.

And of course, there will be plenty of time for leisure and exploring the wonderful surroundings, as well as wandering around the back streets of traditional villages with a fascinating selection of local taverns.

Our offers

Join us in Pelion from May till September
Single / Double occupancy in a private room

€ 1250 / 2200

An opportunity to break away from the habitual frame of the body and consciousness, start a journey to your inner self.

€ 2250 / 4100

Immersion on yoga practice and meditation in order to get a more powerful effect and to experience real changes.

€ 3200 / 5900

To realize and accept totally your light and your shadows... To see the form with which you identify yourself and go to the freedom without forms.