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Leela is a purpose-less purpose, a natural outflow,
a spontaneous self-manifestation of the Divine
(Sri Aurobindo)


Leela (in Sanskrit “Divine Play”) is the nature of Cosmic Intelligence, playful, delightful, ultimately free, infinitely creative, uncontainable, and unpredictable. Each of us is carrying the blueprint of this Intelligence within and we can manifest it in this matter-reality when we answer deeply to our own self and share our gifts, our joy and inspiration with others, effortlessly and spontaneously.

I am Leela and you are Leela

I invite you to join me in this wonderful journey of self-discovery and self revelation where we share our own wisdom and our gifts, and take each other higher by creating an equal connection on the frequency of love and togetherness. Always in beautiful authentic locations around Greece which I want us to discover and enjoy together.

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